The UCO Madrona Hang Out Lantern

I enjoy luxuries on car camping and floating trips.  Backpacking has its own challenges and kind of fun, but some luxury camping is nice as well.  The UCO Madrona Hang Out Lantern is too big and heavy to carry for backpacking trips. But it puts out a lot of light at camp and it will see time at camp when I don‘t have to carry it in a pack.  This lantern is also great for backyard cookouts after dark or sitting around on the back deck at night.

The Madrona Hang-Out Lantern provides up to 300 lumens of light using 3 D cell batteries.  Batteries are installed by unscrewing the base of the Madrona.  UCO says the batteries last up to 400 hours and I‘m sure this depends on the brightness.  A twist dial on the front of the lantern is used to turn on and dim the light.  Rotate the knob counter clockwise to turn on a blue LED for a softer glow that won‘t hurt the eyes.

UCO Madrona Hang Out Lantern
UCO Madrona Hang Out Lantern

The Madrona hang out lantern hangs out with a magnetic lanyard hanging system.  Loop the magnetic puck onto whatever you like and the magnet will hold the lantern  up in the air.  I ran an unscientific experiment to test the magnetic base.  The system picked up a 5 pound weight easily, so it will hold the lantern up without a problem.  The Madrona sits on its base just fine if you want to use it on a picnic table or something.

UCO Madrona Hang Out Lantern
UCO Madrona Hang Out Lantern, disassembled

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On my scales, the UCO Madrona weighs 28.8 ounces with batteries installed.  UCO says the lantern weighs 14.6 ounces without batteries.  The lantern is highly water resistant and it comes with an IPX6 rating.  If you are like me and don‘t know what the heck IPX6 is, click here for a rundown.  The Madrona measures 9.5 inches high by 3.75 inches in diameter.

UCO Madrona Hang Out Lantern
UCO Madrona Hang Out Lantern lighting up my tent

I think the UCO Madrona Hang Out lantern is great for car camping, floating, an emergency kit, or backyard parties after dark.  The lantern worked great to light up our six person tent.  We hung the lantern from a loop at the top of the tent and had enough light to read.  The lantern is a bit big and heavy for most backpacking trips.

UCO set the MSRP of the Madrona at $39.95.  You get a lot of light for this price and the lantern is priced right to make a great gift this year.  Click here to visit


I‘d like to thank UCO for sending the Madrona Hang Out Lantern over for testing and review.

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