Hooded Travel Pillow from Grand Trunk

Grand Trunk’s Hooded Travel Pillow has been a lifesaver for my wife. And it’s not just that we travel a lot. Last year, she had neck surgery, and the recovery from that can be slow. But you don’t need a neck injury to appreciate this smart product.

Whether traveling by car or plane, the 11″x11″x4″ Hooded Travel Pillow is handy. For extra comfort, it’s got memory foam inside, rather than an inflatable cushion. That really helps take some of the strain off the neck. On the outside, it’s covered in micro-fleece so it’s soft against your skin. Of course, Grand Trunk kicks it up a notch by adding a drawstring hood. That makes it easy to drown out the light, so you can really get some rest. It’s 13 ounces of traveling companion.

Hooded Travel Pillow from Grand Trunk
Image courtesy of Grand Trunk


Testing a product like this is pretty simple. Road trips! We tested it out on short trips and long trips. That included brief naps, and full-on snoozing. This year, we made Interbike a family trip. Getting to Las Vegas takes 5-6 hours by car, which meant leaving the house at 5AM. You can be sure that my wife took full advantage of her Hooded Travel Pillow for most of the trip. And the return home was the same. This time, she used the hood to block out the sun coming through her window. For shorter trips (an hour or two), it provides extra comfort in traffic. And it’s great at home, when relaxing in a recliner.

Hooded Travel Pillow from Grand Trunk
Image courtesy of Grand Trunk

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Yes, I’m a little jealous. As the driver on all these trips, I don’t get to close my eyes and relax. But it’s also nice to see my wife arrive at our destination feeling rested and refreshed. That alone would make the MSRP of $39.99 a total bargain. If you agree, check out the Hooded Travel Pillow, available in four colors. Choose from Black, Bright Crimson, Peacock Green, or Slate Gray. Grandtrunk.com


We’d like to thank Grand Trunk for providing their Hooded Travel Pillow for this review. It’s one of those products that once we’ve tried it, we have no idea how we got along without it.


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