Commuter Essentials – SKS Fenders (AKA Mudguards)

Regardless of the bike you ride, no one likes a line of dirty water being thrown off the back wheel at them, or a nasty spray coming off their front wheel. SKS, a company with a reputation for producing quality bicycle fenders for nearly 30 years now, understands this. They design fenders for wheels from 26″ to 700c and 29ers, plus smaller sets to suit 20″ recumbent wheels. Pricing is extremely reasonable, with the average MSRP $30 or less. Here are some of them, including a few that were new this year.

SKS S-Blade

We’ll start with the minimalist S-Blade, which doesn’t give up any features or functionality, despite a very budget-friendly price. With its quick release seatpost mount and $18.99 MSRP, the S-Blade can be easily fitted to just about any 700c road or touring bike. Installation and removal can be accomplished without tools in under a minute. To accommodate a variety of different frame geometries, the angle can be adjusted for the best coverage. Of course, weight weenie racers and tourers alike will appreciate the protection it offers for only 106 grams.

SKS X-Blade

Need something a bit more substantial? Maybe you have a wider tire to cover? The X-Blade II is available in two sizes, for both mountain and road bikes. Another quick release seatpost mount fender (or dirtboard as they are also called), the X-Blade II has a joint at the clamp and another on the fender, which quickly and easily allows you to get the correct height and angle on most frames. Pair it with the Shockblade II, which offers the same sizes, but for front wheel coverage. Mounting is accomplished via a chuck cone in the steerer tube, which takes slightly longer for the initial install, but it’s still a quick release, and will fit up to a 1.5″ steerer. MSRP for either is $29.99

SKS Velo

If you’re on a budget, you don’t have to sacrifice quality. The Velo series are fenders sets that have the flexibility to fit bikes with or without fender eyelets, making them a great option for fixed gear and race bikes that aren’t usually designed with fenders in mind. There are options for wheel different diameters, and tire widths from 37mm to 62mm. Each fender has an x-pattern reinforcement molded into the underside for extra strength, and you can purchase stainless u-stays (MSRP $9.99) to further increase rigidity while creating a more permanent mount, should your frame have the necessary eyelets. Depending on size, MSRP for both the front and rear fenders is $19.99-$21.99. Not bad for a pair.

SKS Raceblade Long

The performance oriented road bike is not left out either. The Raceblade Long is a full coverage fender set for narrow tires. By utilizing a clever quick release setup, the mounts are bolted on and then the fenders attached. This makes them easy to install and remove, while the mounting hardware is unobtrusive enough to stay on during all but the driest summer months. (Unless you’re truly weight-obsessed, or overly concerned about aesthetics) Other sizes include the Raceblade XL, and Raceblade, which offer somewhat less coverage, but still get the job done nicely.


Recumbent fender sets are available in a few configurations, including black or silver 20″ pairs (MSRP $32.99), or a DIY set where the brackets are not yet riveted on (MSRP $42.99), allowing the handy cyclist or their local bike shop mechanic to custom mount them. Size options include a pair of 20″ fenders, or a 20″ and 26″ set.

Other fenders include the mountain bike line, such as the Dashboard and Dashblade, as well as the Grand D.A.D. (dual adjust dirtboard) and Grand M.O.M. (MTB oversized mudguard).

In addition to their fenders, SKS also offers a variety of floor, jersey pocket, and frame pumps (their original product), as well as under-seat bags and various wedges for carrying some essentials, such as their handy multi-tools. Look for more coverage on them in the future. If you can’t wait, go to for more information.

– Brian

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