Curve, Inc. Unfurls The Pandana, A Stylish Multiplex Headwear For Cycling & Outdoor Sports


BOULDER, Colo. — The well-respected technical cycling apparel company Curve, Inc., has introduced the Pandana, a seamless stretch headwear that is ideal for for nearly all outdoor sports — cycling, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, XC skiing, climbing, running, kayaking, even motorcycling, announced Curve and Pandana President HenrikNejezchleb.

A stretchy, lightweight seamless tube approximately 18-inches long, the Pandana can be used in many ways, as a neck gator, cravat, scarf, headband, hairband, face-mask, ear-warmer, balaclava, hat, wristband, or bandana. For example, a Pandana adds just the right touch of warmth under a cycling helmet or can block frigid air from a skier’s face. The Pandana also wicks away moisture and dries very quickly, plus it’s small enough to pack up neatly in a cycling jersey pocket.

“While there may be similar products on the market,” explained Nejezchleb, ” Pandana takes the concept to a new level, combining technical performance with style and fashion. Anyone who has used a Pandana raves about its flexibility and good looks.”


And there’s more to the Pandana than merely function. It is available in a wide variety of stylish colors and patterns, making it a striking accent to whatever apparel an athlete is wearing. Pandana in house collections include London Punk, Skate Brigade, Mountain Angler, and regular collections.

All Pandanas carry an suggested retail price of $16. They can be purchased online at the Pandana website —

In addition to its in-house collections, Pandana also offers an affordable custom graphics program: Your cycling team or running club can create special graphics aimed at promoting your team’s (and sponsors’) colors and logos.

Pandana is already a supporter of local Colorado races, including the Superior Morgul Classic, Bailey Hundo, Confederation Cup Race Series as well as the Naked Juice women’s team, DNA Racing, Team Rio Grande, and more.

For more information, contact Pandana at Curve Inc., 6050 Olde Stage Road, Boulder, CO 80302, +1 (303) 800-4433,

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