Convict: The Gravity Tire You’ve Wanted

When we got the press release (below image) for the WTB Convict, we had a good laugh. Whoever writes this stuff seems to have fun at their job. But let’s not forget, bike tires are serious business. And to that end, the Convict is some serious rubber. WTB has been known to make some winning tires. So whether you are a hardcore gravity racer, or a weekend warrior, they have you covered. They’re a great choice for getting down your favorite mountain trail. And they will allow you to do that quickly. Get the confidence that comes from one of our favorite MTB tire brands. Feel free to check out the photo below, and read what WTB has to say about the Convict. If that grabs your interest, note that we have included the code to get your own at a nice discount.

WTB Convict – the gravity specialist

Currently serving time on the world’s most treacherous gravity trails, the WTB Convict provides the tenacious grip and TCS durability needed by riders who charge the most demanding terrain in the world. Its toothy, meaty tread tills through rocks and roots with ease, while its robust design ensures it perseveres through whatever is thrown in its vengeful path. Large, tightly spaced blocks along the centerline of the tread make the Convict surprisingly fast rolling for such a stout tire, while generous spacing between inner and outer lines of tread ensures it grabs ahold of all sizes of rocks and roots.

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The Convict epitomizes the toothy tread and robust features of truly aggressive gravity tires. Tall, meaty knobs with multi-directional channels provide steadfast traction whether braking hard or decimating corners. Guilty of first-degree loam assault. Sentenced to life for devouring the gnarliest descents.

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