Protect Your Eyes With the XX2i Bermuda1

New from XX2i, the Bermuda1 sunglasses mix fashion with protection. You’ll look good, and see well. This is what happens when a performance eye-wear company applies their know-how to casual sunglasses.

XX2i sent us a pair of the Bermuda1 in an attractive matte tortoise finish, with brown polarized lenses. The frames are quite light, and the lenses have their 4K optical technology. That might sound like some buzz from marketing, but they are sharp lenses. This is due to the polarizing coating, along with the brown tint. They cut glare off water and reflective surfaces, and increase contrast. So although the shape of the frames say “casual”, the lenses say “performance”.

XX2i Bermuda1 in matte tortoise
XX2i Bermuda1 in matte tortoise

This design is for both men and women, but we had our friend Jane try them out. She wore them during a day of shooting photos high in the Utah mountains, and modeled them for us too. She liked the classic “goes with most anything” tortoise finish, and found them to be light and comfortable. What did surprise her is how much better things looked through the quality lenses. Colors had more snap, and the extra contrast made everything seem sharper. Of course, they cut the sun a good amount, without being too dark. Overall, they are just what you want and expect in a nice pair of casual sunglasses.

XX2i Bermuda1 in matte tortoise
XX2i Bermuda1 in matte tortoise

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At their $99 price point, the Bermuda1 does not offer adjustable nose pads or temples. So they may not fit everyone well. But XX2i offers a 365 day return policy. They know that when you buy online, you don’t get to try them on. So they give you a full year to make sure you love them. If not, return them for a full refund, less shipping and handling fees. That is more than fair. On top of that, they come with a lifetime warranty. Should you break or even just scratch them, XX2i will swap them out for a new pair. All you pay is a small shipping and handling fee. Again, that is hard to beat.

We like that XX2i continues to innovate. In the past, we have tried their kits, which include one or two frames, and either three of five pairs of lenses. Now they are offer casuals, like this Bermuda1, with the same quality and warranty. If you want to give them a closer look, check out



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