Countdown To Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

The Outdoor Retailer Summer Market show is being held in Salt Lake City next week. We’re pretty excited, as this is by far our favorite show each year, and gives us a chance to see all the latest gear, make new contacts, plus catch up with brands we’ve been covering for years. We’d need a small army to see everything, and the hardest part is always choosing what to check out, and who to write about. Here’s a little preview of something new and exciting, as it’s a product that appeals to a wide range of our readers. Wireless headphones are great for so many activities, and Jabra has a reputation for delivering on the audio front.

– Brian

Sport Rox Wireless

Jabra Sport Rox Wireless
Jabra Sport Rox Wireless

Give up the wires without giving up great sound for your workouts! The Sport Rox Wireless is the only cord-free earbuds for a fitness lifestyle that offers immersive high-definition Dolby® sound. Control your playlists and calls from in-line controls so you can keep your tunes going and your energy up. Small and lightweight, the ColorCore EarGels™provide a secure and comfortable fit and when you‘re ultra-active, optional EarWings™lock them in place. These headphones are sturdy too, rated at US Military weather and shock standards. When you need to pause, unique Power Magnets on the earbuds snap together and save power.

Sport Wireless+

Jabra Sport Wireless+
Jabra Sport Wireless+

Exercise is about breaking free so don‘t let wires hold you back. The Sport Wireless+ features world class Bluetooth technology with clear audio. The headset is secure, featuring a behind-the-ear design plus a choice of seven different eargels to achieve the perfect fit no matter your intensity. Rain, dust and shock resistant to a US Military standard, Sport Wireless+ is built to withstand the most extreme workout conditions. You can even leave your music device at home because the headset features FM radio.

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