Grayl Launching New Products At Outdoor Retailer

I’ve had a little product info card from Grayl pinned onto the wall behind my desk since I first saw them at Outdoor Retailer. I don’t think they were even in production at that point. And next week, they’ll be introducing their new Water Filtration Cup and Tap Filter at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City. Grayl is a great example of why we attend trade shows year after year. It’s pretty cool to see new gear, but it’s even more exciting to watch a company go from a start-up with a single product, to having multiple products and a loyal following of happy customers. Stay tuned as we bring you more of our pre-show favorites in the coming days, then daily coverage of the show later next week.

– Brian

GRAYL® Quest Water Filtration Cup 

GRAYL® Quest Water Filtration Cup

Just press the inner cup into the outer cup for safe, great tasting water on the go in only 7 seconds. The Quest is different from other water filtration: no prolonged waiting (gravity filters), pumping, squeezing, or sucking through a straw.

  • Made of lightweight polypropylene and food-grade 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • TAP Filter (included) removes many chemicals and heavy metals while improving taste and smell. Suitable for safe, potable water distributed in public tap water supply networks.
  • Press 16 ounces of water in 7 seconds
  • Interchangeable filter system offers varying levels of protection. Drink Freely™while at the TAP, on the TRAIL, or on remote TRAVEL in developing countries.
  • TRAIL Filter and TRAVEL Purifier sold separately.
Grayl filter options

Three filters, which should cover most situations where you might need to filter your water.


GRAYL® Quest Water Filtration Cup

As easy to use as a French Press. Add water, press down, and you’re ready to drink. Clever and effective.


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That is a really neat idea and product. Please share more like this in the future!

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