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Since I’ve been mooching off his site, and watching all the cool cycling videos, I figure it’s time to give props to my friend Dan, the man behind CrankMyChain! Cycle TV.

Dan is a native Oregonian, family man and work-at-home dad. He works as an audio, video and music producer with special interest in internet media.

He took up commuter cycling in 2003 to start doing something on a personal level about his dependency on gasoline and the wars, pollution, and gluttony it causes. Dan found that he really enjoys cycling and the local cycling community (from the racers to the freaks). He produces CrankMyChain! not just because he loves immersing himself in the middle of it all, but because he thinks there is a great local and international market for cycling related news, music videos, and movies.

Dan rides a Surly Cross Check loaded with fenders, a horn, lights, rack and burly trailer to pull his kids and groceries. He also rides a Free agent BMX Cruiser (24”) for fun with the kids and quick trips.

Here is the mission of CrankMyChain:

“CrankMyChain! will document psycho bike niches, create bike music videos, and discuss cycle advocacy. We strive to have an interactive show where others will contribute or respond with their own videos.”

Go check it out.
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