Dahon Goes Carbon Neutral

Duarte, California, January 22, 2007 -Dahon, the world leader in portable bicycles, today announced that the company is making its employee transport to work carbon neutral. This program complements existing efforts to get more people to use environmentally sustainable forms of transport. Such efforts include ‘˜bike to work‘ programs available to organizations worldwide; free bikes to Dahon employees that ride to work and also industry deals to people employed in the bicycle and outdoor related industries. Dahon bicycles are perfect solutions to urban mobility and on display at this year‘s Taipei International Cycle tradeshow will be a wide range of new products scheduled for 2008 release.

“Going carbon neutral for employee transport is a good first step for Dahon,” stated David Hon, Dahon President. “We‘ve been studying all of our business operations to see how we can operate in a more environmentally sustainable manner and employee transport seemed like a great place to make an impact. We‘ve also established a Bike to Work program to help other companies convince more employees to cycle or use mass transit to get to work.”

Dahon will reduce the carbon footprint of employee transport to zero through several different initiatives. First, Dahon encourages bicycling to work: any employee who bikes to work at least three times a week is offered a free bicycle. Second, Dahon encourages employees to use mass transit: any employee who combines mass transit with a bike commute to work is also offered a free bicycle. Third, Dahon offers excellent dormitory accommodations to employees in China so that they can walk to work instead of living off site. And finally, for employees that drive, Dahon will purchase carbon “offsets” that go to fund renewable energy projects ranging from wind energy to biofuels.

Dahon is also continuing with its recycling program for all marketing and trade show materials, including Schwalbe recycled flooring and recycled paper in all paper based brochures, catalogs and business cards. Dahon is constantly innovating in terms of product design and also strives to be innovative and sensitive to the environment, especially come trade show time.

On display at Taipei International Cycle will be a variety of new products including a special edition bicycle celebrating the company‘s 25th anniversary and several new small-wheeled bicycles utilizing Dahon‘s new PAQ Technology. Also on display will be a variety of new accessories and technologies including a confidential new latch technology and folding pedal design. The Dahon booth will again offer free wireless Internet access for the duration of the show.

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