CTi – Ultimate Titanium EDC Belt

When I offered to review the CTi Ultimate Titanium EDC Belt from Carbon Tactics, it wasn’t just so I could try it out ahead of their Kickstarter campaign. I had been looking for a durable, good looking belt that would not only keep my pants up, but one that would also work well with all the things I end up hanging off my belt. From my photography, to hiking and camping, to a day at the range with my wife and daughter, I needed a belt that fit right, and could handle some weight (not just my own).

CTi Ultimate Titanium EDC Belt from Carbon Tactics
CTi Ultimate Titanium EDC Belt from Carbon Tactics

Carbon Tactics already has several cool products available, and they applied their knowledge of materials, design, and “stuff we want” to come up with a titanium belt buckle that has no moving parts, then mated it to a tactical nylon belt strong enough to tow a truck. The buckles are first machined from a sheet of titanium, then they are bent into a slight curve using a hydraulic press. To de-burr them, they get tumbled with ceramic media for a full 24 hours. With all the sharp edges gone, they get that nice satin finish by being blasted with stainless steel beads on all side. The finished buckles are then sewn on the belt with an industrial sewing machine. This results in a belt that is ready for whatever you can throw at it.

CTi Ultimate Titanium EDC Belt from Carbon Tactics
CTi Ultimate Titanium EDC Belt from Carbon Tactics

With different color and material options, the CTi Ultimate Titanium EDC Belt looks great, whether you work in an office, a factory, or spend all your time outdoors. Choose from black, coyote brown, or wolf grey single or two-layer nylon. There is also a Biothane option. My belt is the single layer coyote brown, which goes well with my jeans at work, and cargo shorts at play. I can hang a hatchet, flashlight, knife, or multi-tool from it, and it works much better than the cotton belt I had been using, plus it looks better too. On a photo shoot, I tried it with my Peak Design CapturePRO, and a 2nd camera body, and it does not sag or roll over. Since getting this belt, I have also become of fan of “no hole” belts, as it’s easy to get the exact fit, and there is no slip at all.

For the full details on this belt, and to get in on the best pricing, check out their Kickstarter here. To see the rest of the Carbon Tactics line, visit their website at CarbonTactics.com. Note that all their design work and production is done right here in the USA, which helps to keep jobs and tax dollars local. When you support them, you are supporting not just American business, but their community.

– Brian

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