Deuter AirContact 55+10 Backpack

The Deuter AirContact 55+10 backpack is all about comfort and simplicity.  I‘ve wanted to test a Deuter  pack for quite a while now, and after carrying this pack for more than a few miles, I can say there‘s a lot to like about the AirContact 55+10.

The Deuter AirContact 55+10 is built for comfort.  After receiving the backpack, the first order of business is to get the torso length set right.  The backpack uses Deuter‘s Vari Quick adjustment system.  Click here for a setup video.  A couple minutes were needed to get the torso length close for me and some time was spent testing minor adjustments.  By moving the shoulder strap harness one loop up or down, adjustments are easy to test to get the torso length set just right.

Deuter AirContact 55+10 Backpack
Deuter AirContact 55+10 Backpack

The shoulder straps of the Deuter AirContact 55+10 use Deuter‘s new Active Fit system.  The tops of the S-shaped shoulder straps pivot and allow the straps to automatically adjust to the shoulders.  The VariFlex hip belt has straps that pull forward to tighten.  The padding is great and the belt is able to pivot and move with the hips.  A single nicely-sized, easily accessible hip belt pocket is located on the right side.  I would prefer a pocket on both sides but the single pocket is really fine.  Back padding is downright luxurious.  A nice lumbar pad locks the pack onto the hips well.  Ventilation is fine, especially for the amount of padding provided.  Overall comfort of this backpack is top notch.  Once I had it on my back and tightened up the straps I was good to go.  There were no problems with pinching, chafing or anything else for that matter.

The Deuter AirContact 55+10 provides three openings to access your gear.  The pack has a top loader opening, a large opening in the front of the pack, and a third opening gives access to the sleeping bag compartment at the bottom of the pack.  A zippered divider completely separates the sleeping bag compartment.  A small vertical pocket is on the left for things like maps, first aid items or other slim gear.  Two nice daisy chains go up the back and water bottle pockets are on both sides at the bottom.  It is a bit difficult to get a Nalgene bottle into the pockets when the pack is full, but there is plenty of room.

Deuter AirContact 55+10 Backpack
Deuter AirContact 55+10 Backpack in its natural habitat

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The height-adjustable lid has a main pocket, a lower valuables pocket, a clip to make sure car keys don‘t go missing, and four loops on top to strap on gear.  A flap of material permanently connects the lid to the pack which makes a nice place to stuff a rain jacket or extra layer underneath the lid for easy access.  SOS instructions are printed on the underside of the lid just in case you need to signal for help.

The AirContact 55+10 is made with Deuter Duratex, which is a 330 D Micro Rip material that feels tough and should provide top notch durability.  The bottom of the pack uses a double layer of fabric and a detachable rain cover is provided.  Hydration ports are on both sides of the backpack and an internal sleeve for a bladder is there.  Deuter doesn‘t add weight to the pack with internal storage organizers.  I pack everything in stuff sacks and don‘t use the organizer pockets, so this pack is ideal for me.

Deuter AirContact 55+10 Backpack
Back side of the Deuter AirContact 55+10 Backpack

The Deuter AirContact 55+10 is a 55 liter pack but will expand to give the extra ten liters of volume.  My test pack weighs 5 pounds 15.2 ounces or 2700 grams.

The Deuter AirContact 55+10 has an MSRP of $259 which is right in line with other backpacks in this category.  The strengths of this pack are exceptional comfort, load carrying ability, and durability.  I find it a bit heavy, and I wish it had an external mesh pocket for wet items, but in the colder months, the Deuter AirContact 55+10 will see a lot of trail time with me.  Check out the Deuter website here.

– Mark

I‘d like to thank Deuter for providing the AirContact 55+10.  Being able to test and review gear and then pass along the information hopefully benefits everyone.

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Slick pack! This would be a big upgrade over the Coleman pack I had as a kid in BoyScouts.


It sounds like a sweet pack!

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