Cycle Dog – Good For The Planet, Great For Your Dog

If you’re a dog owner, you’ll appreciate the Cycle Dog line of leashes and collars. Made from bicycle inner tubes that might otherwise end up as landfill, there’s so much to like, I’m not sure where to begin. Your dog will enjoy the soft rubber collars that areĀ  very comfortable, dry quickly, and don’t get stinky over time. Your wallet will approve of the fact that rubber doesn’t wear nearly as quickly as a nylon leash, and will provide years of service. And Mother Nature will be indebted that as of April, 2011, Cycle Dog has saved over 10,000 pounds of tubes from garbage dumps.

The standard leash is 1″ wide, and comes in lengths from two to six feet. There’s also a 5/8″ wide by six foot leash just for little dogs.

Cycle Dog Leash

Collar options include the sport model with plastic buckle, a more fashionable series with metal belt buckle-style fastener, and even one with a steel and aluminum aircraft seatbelt type buckle. And despite what we’ve seen in Superbowl commercials, most dogs will never be trained to pull a beer tap. But all Cycle Dog buckles feature a built in bottle opener, which is the next best thing.

Cycle Dog Collar

Together, the leash and collar are like man’s best friend and the outdoors – a perfect fit in every way. If you want to upgrade your dog’s fashion sense while teaching them about going green, check out the Cycle Dog them out at pet shops, outdoor gear retailers, bike shops, and the Cycle Dog website.

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