December 4, 2023
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Neil Fein

Wish we had that sort of thing at my work. I’m thinking about maybe moving closer to work (depending opn where my wife finds a job) and it would be nice to commute by bike… assuming there’s a place to shower and change. And how do you carry non-foldable work clothing on a bike?


I’m in high-tech — every company I’ve ever worked for — from small start ups to Fortune 500 — allowed bikes in my office or cube. My current employer has showers, lockers, secure covered bike parking, emergency ride home service, free transit passes, etc. No cash as an incentive, though — that’s not a bad one. The county I live in, though, gives several hundred dollar rebates on the purchase of folding bikes if you attend a bike safety class.


I work for a tech company in a college town with 60,000 students, and we don’t even have a bike rack. In all fairness though, we have one cyclist. I’d like a job where I could ride a bicycle to work, but I live near the freeway, and my office is maybe a mile from the exit. So if I want to ride, it’s about double the distance to go into town and up the main road.

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