February 19, 2024
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Paul in Cin City

Helmets may look dorky to some, but I prefer dorky to learning the alphabet again.

As a young man I had long hair and decided and it was much cooler to be helmetless. My hair blowing in the breeze and all that shat. The day I decided I should wear it I managed to pull a header on concrete. I remember my helmet bouncing off the concrete. I don’t know what made me wear it that day, but a helmet is much cooler than a skull fracture. Even if I don’t need it, it says “I’m a cyclist, and you wish you were too.”

Neil Fein

I just picked up a new helmet. The guy at the LBS tried to tell me one I was trying on looked good on me. I said something along the lines of, “Thanks, but you do know that everyone looks pretty silly in these.”


Hey, we having matching MTB helmets for our tandem, Skate/BMX helmets for our beach cruisers, and we had matching full face helmets for our BMX race bikes. Of course, we have matching motorcycle helmets (and jackets) too. The missus and I, we look good in helmets. 😉

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