Secret spy stuff

Man, those Trek guys can be so touchy. I had it on good word that they were working on some secret bike project. Now, it can’t be too secret if someone told me, but I wanted to find out more. So I put on my dark sunnies and a trenchcoat, and went to see what I could find out.

The first guy I asked said he was new, and didn’t know anything about the bike in question, as he deals with a completely different line. When I pressed him, he dropped a hint that he knew something, had access to the Industrial Design image folder, and that he even seen the photos*. Of course, then he went on to say that the last guy to leak info got the shown the door. So I’m thinking that being the new guy and all, and probably liking the job, he’s not giving anything up. D’oh!

Next stop was a few rungs up the ladder. I asked if he could confirm the rumors I heard about this bike. He sure could. Well, he confirmed that there were lots of rumors, but nothing more. He wouldn’t even deny the existence of the bike, just that all will be revealed in the next month or so. Then he asked if I wanted to talk about limes. The fruit? Nope, the bike. The Trek Lime is really getting a lot of attention these days.

Anyway, I know when someone’s telling me to get lost. But I’m holding out hope that I can squeeze something good out of them sooner rather than later.

*If his boss is reading this, rest easy knowing that he gave up nothing. Even when pressed.

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