Darn Tough – For The Ladies

Back in March, during our Joy of Sox week, we covered some socks from Darn Tough, a Vermont-based company that makes what we consider to be the best socks your money can buy. No other company offers the design skills, materials,  quality control, and an unconditional lifetime guarantee that they do. Wear them out, and Darn Tough will replace them free of charge. For life.

They’re our first choice for every day wear, and the only choice when we’re testing new footwear. By sticking with a single brand of a known quantity, we’re able to better evaluate a running or hiking shoe, knowing that any comfort issues are not the result of sock choice. That’s why Mrs. Outsider was especially pleased when a package showed up containing some of their new lifestyle socks, as well as the 1/4 length run/bike socks that our feet enjoy so much. Of course, they weren’t all for her to review – Darn Tough was generous enough to donate some socks for our October Breast Cancer Awareness Month giveaways. So while we’ve got a review coming up soon, we’re sending out a pair of the blackenberry Merino Wool 1/4 sock with cushion bottoms (women’s 7.5-10) to the two female readers that post the funniest or most creative comments as to why they should win. It’s that simple. Open to residents of the continental US, comments must be posted no later than Thursday, October 13th, 8:00PM MST. Winners will be announced the following day.

Darn Tough Vermont blackenberry women's merino wool sock

[edit 10/16/2011] Congrats to Elizabeth and Lindsey! Your socks will be on their way early next week. Thank you to everyone that entered – we’ll have more giveaways here and on our Facebook page, so don’t forget to Like us there as well.

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Kathleen Waters

My husband and I have been DTV fans for several years. I’ve given pairs to family and friends, too. DTV over the calf socks are the only socks that my 91 year old mom says keep her feet warm and my 95 year old aunt wore a pair I gave her right up until she passed! Some want to die with their boots on, my family will stick to DTVs!

Debbie Symoniak

heels pink toes pink…then my feet won’t stink! Thanks Darn Tough! 🙂


My husband is a sock snob. His obsession is such that when he meets a new person, if the small talk continues for more than five minutes, he will invariably turn the conversation to socks and remove his shoes to show off his latest pair. He takes sick pride in the fact that he hasn’t worn a cotton sock in 5 years. He has so many socks that he actually switches out his sock drawer for the seasons. Normal people might swap out sweaters for t-shirts and shorts, but my husband puts away his full-length full cushion or ragg socks to make room for his no-shows and coolmax (thanks to his obsession, I’m over-informed on sock terminology). He can rattle off sock brands like normal men can rattle off beer brands or football teams. He doesn’t like to go to the beach because he won’t be able to wear socks with his flip-flops. If plans change suddenly, he won’t just go and change his shirt, he’ll change his socks as well to match the new occasion.

I could go on, however, I’m supposed to be writing about why *I* deserve this pair of socks. Here’s why: Darn Tough is one of his favorite brands, and if I get this pair of limited edition Darn Tough socks, I will finally not only have a pair of socks he won’t criticize, but actually a pair he will be jealous of. For the first time in my marriage, I will have sock superiority. This would be a simple joy I deserve, since I’ve put up with far too many discussions about socks and I occasionally (when he trusts me to do it), have the unfortunate task of matching up 12 different sock pairs every time I do the laundry. Please send me my socks!


Being on my feet all day long for work makes me appreciate good socks. What’s better than a good sock is a good sock that lasts, I think the unconditional guarantee is an awesome idea and wish more would follow suit. I also like to support a good cause, and Breast Cancer Awareness is near and dear to me, since I’ve had people close to me affected by the disease. Good socks, good cause, what could be better.

Christopher Sorel

my wife needs a new pair of socks as nursing is tough on the feet. Darn tough but your socks help a ton.


My wife’s birthday is coming up and these sound way better than some chocolate and flowers, plus I like that they are supporting an important message.

Dan Wade

I hike with a pair on darn tough socks everyday for about 700 miles on the AT and am still using them today. I started buying socks for my sister and dad for their birthdays, which they loved. My girlfriend always said “you better not buy e some stupid socks for my birthday” but I bought her some anyway, now she loves them, and one more pair of pink darn tough would be an excellent addition to her collection.

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