Walk Softly, And Carry A Big Stick

Based on feedback from readers, we’ve decided to put together a series of articles on trekking poles and walking sticks. With prices ranging from around $40 up to $200, there is certainly plenty of variety. And within that large selection, there are numerous different intended applications, so we’re hoping to help you make sense of them all, and choose the right ones for your needs.  The following is a list of the brands we hope to share over the course of the month, in no particular order. We may add to this as time allows.


Mountainsmith – a high-value line of trekking poles, including their award-winning Rhyolite 6061

Gossamer Gear – known for outstanding products for the minimalist explorer, including exceptionally lightweight trekking poles

Helinox – Big Agnes is the exclusive distributor for this brand of trekking poles

Leki – nothing but poles, race gear and gloves for over sixty years

Keenfit – pole walking, also known as Nordic Walking

Brazos Walking Sticks – unique in their wood design, great gift idea too



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