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Part three of our series on hemp product focuses on Richard Dash, of Dash Hemp. With a background in apparel that includes both manufacturing and retail, Richard is no stranger to the clothing business. He also spent many years as an upscale tour guide, showing people around the globe. But it was a trip to Oregon that lead him to where he is today. Already aware that hemp was durable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly, he used his knowledge and contacts in the industry to start up a clothing business, initially making t-shirts in Los Angeles. Fast forward to today, and Richard is still designing innovative clothing that combines comfort and fashion. While he’s been pressing for the legalization of industrial hemp in the US for nearly 15 years, he’s been making sure that the Chinese workers who make his clothing where the hemp is grown are treated fairly as well.

One of the most popular products he offers right now is his Felton jeans. Made from pure hemp, they are yarn dyed, which means they will fade more slowly than regular garment-dyed jeans. They’ll also wear a lot longer too, as hemp’s high cellulose content provides for about four times the strength of cotton, even though they don’t require the break-in typical of denim jeans. Thanks to the hemp plant’s resistance to insects, as well as its densely growing stalks, no pesticides or herbicides are used to grow it. So you can feel good about wearing this soft and natural fiber. Speaking of feeling good, hemp is a bit like wool in that it naturally helps to regulate temperatures, wicking away moisture in the summer, but helping to retain heat in the winter. If pants that go past the knee aren’t your thing, he’s also got the Rocker, which are 100% hemp shorts. All the features and benefits of the jeans, but in a five pocket cargo short perfect for hiking or globe-trotting. Both are available in any color you want, as long as it’s blue denim.

To complement the jeans, Dash offers the Horizon hemp t-shirt. This mix of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton looks right at home in today’s casual office environment, and would be a top choice for travel as well. Since hemp is naturally anti-microbial, it can stand a whole week without being washed, and you won’t offend the natives. They also speak to my lazy side, as this blend doesn’t wrinkle too easily either. The perfect low-maintenance camp or travel shirt. Color options include sienna red (shown), charcoal, otter brown, smoke pearl, and teal lake.

Need a shirt with buttons and long sleeves? You know,  something to protect you from the sun, or to throw over that Horizon tee when it gets a bit chilly? The Sashmill is a shirt/jacket that’s also made from 100% hemp, and works like a linen shirt, but without the wrinkles. Stay cool when it’s humid and the mercury is rising, while looking cool too. The colors have been chosen to pair with denim – burnt sienna (shown), muted denim, natural olive, teak, and umber.

I’ve barely touched on the line of great hemp products from Dash, including a full line for women, plus socks and even beanies. Visit Dash Hemp to see them all. And remember, they’re made from a sustainable, renewable resource that’s  durable and environmentally friendly.

– Brian

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