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The folks at Hempy’s are outdoor enthusiasts that respect the environment, and have witnessed the effects of putting profits before Mother Nature. So when they set out to create their own line of accessories and body care products, it was only natural for them to utilize hemp (as well as some recycled materials). They recognized that this earth-friendly resource utilizes less pesticides than cotton, and is far more renewable than synthetics. Although they have to import the raw hemp that their products are made from, they contract most of their manufacturing work to small independent shops close to them, in San Diego, California. This allows them to ensure that the workers are treated fairly, and makes it easier to monitor quality. Changes in product can also be put into place much more quickly. On top of that, they are putting money back into their local economy. Their “Made in USA” logo is prominently and proudly displayed.

All that would be for nothing if they didn’t make some cool and practical products. Here’s a quick rundown of some of them.

Seven of their eight wallets are 100% hemp, with the tri-fold hemp corduroy being a 55%/45% blend. Choose from bi-fold, tri-fold, a classic mesh utility wallet, a simple key ring wallet, an organizer, and even a couple of wallets with chains so you can express your inner biker or trucker.

They’ve got your head covered with twelve different types of beanies available in a variety of styles and colors. The majority of them are 55% hemp, 45% Certified Organic cotton for the lining, with a shell comprised of 75% recycled cotton and 25% acrylic, and union made in the USA.

Hempy’s hat offerings eclipse their beanies when it comes to variety. Options include fedoras, a “Freedom Fighter” hat (styled like a Cuban military hat – not Che’s beret), a sweet paper boy hat for you fixed gear fans, several trucker and baseball hats, an “Aussie surf cap”, a girly bucket hat, Baja explorer hats with an adjustable strap, and a dockside lounger, for when you’re just kicking back. You should always protect your head from the sun when outdoors. Now you’ve got no excuse not to, while still being fashionable, if that’s your thing.

For the ladies, there are also two sizes of purses, a stealth pouch, waist pack, and mini backpacks available in four colors. Mrs. Outsider has declared the Little Belle Purse to beĀ  “really cute”, which is her way of telling me that I better buy her one soon. Oddly, I would have guessed she’d prefer the Stealth Pouch, but what do I know? Any of them would be perfect for carrying your essentials, and they are all 100% hemp.

There are a few other items, such as board shorts, belts, an apron, and napkins that we won’t cover in detail, in order to save some space for their body care products. The hemp soap is available in three varieties – their uplifting After Surf Blend, exfoliating Oatmeal, and refreshing and calming Lavender Tea Tree. Get yourself a three-pack, or go big with the assorted six-pack, which contains two of each. Top everything off with their SPF 15 lip balm, available in Lemonade, Mint Madness, or the Surf and Snow blend.

If you’re looking to give the gift of hemp to yourself or someone else, check out Hempy’s for more info on their products.

– Brian

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Bob Davis

Bought a recycled Hempy’s belt made from a tire a couple of years ago that recently split and broke at one of the loop holes. It was my favorite belt and I don’t seem to be able to find one anywhere not even on your website. Do you sell them anymore ?
Please let me know if you do.
Bob Davis
San Diego


Bob, did you get it at All Vegan on Park? I got mine a few years ago there and can’t find another one either.


Never mind…called them and they only do drop ships from their vendors. Emailed Hempy’s and this what they say:

Hi Chris,

Thank you for being a loyal Hempy’s customer! Unfortunately we haven’t been able to find a reliable source for the materials to make these belts for a long time, but I will pass along your request, maybe someday in the future we can bring them back!


Scharlyn Shaddinger


Sales & Marketing Director


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