Tempt – Hemp For Dessert (With A Review)

Since this is the final article in our hemp series, it makes sense to top it off with dessert. Tempt got its start over ten years ago, with a group of Canadian scientists from the University of Saskatchewan, in their white lab coats and maple leaf tuques. They were  exploring vegetable protein options and happened upon the perfectly balanced hemp seed. From this humble seed, they created a small array of food items that were both tasty and nutritious. In an odd twist, some “Freedom loving, environmentalist, hempfood pioneers” (I read that as hippies) moved the company to Portland, Oregon. At that point, it was just a matter of reaching out to high-profile hemp advocates to help spread the word. Now they offer a hemp protein powder, hemp oil, non-dairy hemp milk, ice cream, and ice cream bars.

First, a little background on my ice cream consumption habits. I used to be an ice cream addict, with at least a half dozen pints in the freezer, ranging from the richest (and fattiest) to some frozen soy and rice milk concoctions. I have tried them all – from the hard to spell Scandinavian sounding brand, to the two old hippies, plus everything in the the local supermarket and Trader Joe’s freezer. Although I limit my intake today, I still think some of the best things in life come in pint-sized containers. With that in mind, the folks at Living Harvest were kind enough to send out some coupons so we could try the product for free. But Mrs. Outsider had already picked up a container of their Chocolate Fudge non-dairy frozen dessert from our local Good Earth store. Smart move, because after my first taste, I would not have wanted to wait the extra two days.

It just so happens that we picked the fattiest flavor, but let’s be honest – when comparing ice cream, you have to stick with the basics to make a fair comparison. While the Coffee Biscotti would have been my first choice, (it will be my second, no doubt) not a lot of ice cream companies produce a similar flavor. Chocolate vs chocolate is something most people can relate to. By the way, they also offer Vanilla Bean, Mint Chip, and Coconut Lime. I have no idea what temperature my freezer is set to, but it’s definitely on the colder side of freezing. That meant a bit of a fight to scoop out the Tempt, and it was a battle worth waging. Neither grainy like a rice cream, nor super creamy like a frozen heart attack, the texture was almost like a frozen chocolate bar that just melts in your mouth. Organic chocolate and cocoa taste different than the artificial stuff. It tastes like actual cocoa. Not too sweet, not to bitter, and just a little bit decadent. I really like that. I’m sure if the temperature of my freezer is raised just a bit, Tempt would be at the ideal consistency, but then it’s unlikely that we’d get four servings out of a container.

If you’re after a new taste experience, or cannot tolerate milk for dietary or ethical reasons, I suggest you head over to the Living Harvest website, have a look at their offerings, and then use the Find Tempt buttons to locate your nearest retailer. They won’t disappoint. You’ll also find plenty of informative articles about hemp, nutrition, allergies, activism, and even a blog with recipes and other great reading.

– Brian

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