Did he invent the wheel too?

Perhaps I’m just a bit cynical today. I read this article about a nice little old man that “invented a motorized mountain bicycle”.

My issue is not with Thomas Rowland, as he’s obviously quite clever, and has certainly made himself a useful rig, complete with baskets and a trailer. I suppose I just have a problem with the ignorance of the writer. Not to make light of Mr. Rowland’s handiwork, but he didn’t “invent” anything. There have been kits available for years to add a little petrol motor to a bicycle. I happen to have more than a passing interest in Whizzer motorbikes, which have been around since, oh, 1939.

I don’t pretend to call myself a journalist, but would it kill people to do a little research before writing a story, even a little human-interest fluff?

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