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Interbike 2007 is less than a month away. Our room is booked, our motorcycle has been serviced and ready for the road trip, all our electronics are ready to be packed, and there’s a empty 1GB card in the camera. The missus will be doing as much picture-taking as she can stand, and I’ll be uploading them here and on

If there is a specific company that any of my valued readers wants to hear from, let me know so I can prepare some extra ass-kissing. With only 3 days and 2,000 vendors, I can’t meet them all.

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1. Quarq power meters, definitely interested in seeing what they have to offer. Also any other power meters like Minoura, etc…
2. Sunrace, Microshift Arsis, Sampson, FSA and whoever else has announces a gruppo

Those are my votes…


Perhaps you could find out when Shimano plans to get their head out of their rear end in regards to the Alfine group in North America. There are a lot of commuters in the Pacific Northwest who are incredibly sick of this situation. Disc brakes in our rainy season would be more than simply frivolous, after all. Besides that, it would be nice to see what’s been dreamed up in the realm of longbikes and cargo haulers. Don’t forget to say hi to Todd Fahrner of Clever Cycles.

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