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One might remind Rep. Lozano (the one who made the comment about bicycle transportation being backwards) how many members of his constituency suffer from diabetes. I understand Texas has some of the highest rates of Type 2 in the nation, with Hispanic Americans one of the most at risk ethnic groups for developing it.

Riding a bike for transportation may not be a cure-all for the diabetes epidemic in this country, but I think we can all agree that driving a car all over the place sure isn’t going to help any.


‘ “My motion would be to reject this,” [ Rep. José Alexandro Lozano ] said, recalling that in the past, a Mexican town where many people rode bicycles was regarded as backward. ‘

Well, I guess that just shows how “backwards” Rep Lozano is as he keeps up appearances of prosperity by worshiping at the altar of the automobile prosperity cargo cult. If you drive the right car, you’ll become wealthy!

Contrast with this article which shows that “the richer people become the further they cycle.”


Give me long enough, and I can find just about anything on teh intarwebs… Rep. Lozano needs to shut up right now about *anything* that promotes physical activity in his community – and this report is 5 years old! What is the obesity problem in El Paso like now??


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