Dude Girl

When I first saw the name “Dude Girl“, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. So when I stopped to have a chat with Kim, the owner, I was pleasantly surprised to learn the origin of her clothing company’s name. Seems her grandmother was a cowgirl with a taste for adventure. (If you click the link and read the story, you’ll truly appreciate what an understatement that is.)

Turns out that Kim is a long-time cyclist who decided to escape from the cubicle to pursue a little adventure herself.  What started out as a travel company for adventure cyclists grew to include apparel, which is where things get good for the rest of us.

The line comprises clothing for yoga, cycling, running, and casual sport. “Purposeful comfort” is what I was thinking when I had a look at what was on display. I also couldn’t help but notice the extensive use of bamboo and organic cotton. It’s a bold statement, when a company is willing to accept a lower margin to do the right thing.  And it’s not just for girls – they have some cool stuff for guys and kids too. Being the owner of a dog that frequently “stretches like a ballerina”, I could almost see myself wearing a shirt with a cartoon dog doing yoga. Almost.

Since my goal is to showcase companies that are run by people as passionate about our sport as they are about the environment, I can’t urge you enough to give them a look. Quality products from cyclists, what more could you ask for?


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