Ready, steady, go. The Gyrobike

Ok, first off, Gyrobike is not a bike for drunks. Sure, it can help keep a bike as upright and steady at 2 MPH as though it was traveling at 10 MPH. Yes, it can assist riders that have issues with balance and coordination. And so what if it was invented by three engineering students at Dartmouth? It is not a bike for intoxicated adults. I’m being serious here. As serious as a purple beard!

So now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, a bit about this clever invention. By placing a battery-powered gyroscope in the front wheel of a bicycle, the very smart folks at Gyrobike have created a product that makes it much easier for a beginner cyclist of almost any age to get upright and stay upright. Not only does it have the potential to get more people on a bicycle, it looks way cooler (a marketing term for better) than training wheels, or a dad running behind the bike.  But dads, do not be alarmed. This technology cannot take out the trash, parallel park, or make babies. So our place is safe. For now anyway.

Here is a link to one of their test videos on youtube. I was going to embed it, but that kind of fancy coding escapes me. You can also do a search yourself.

Look for an interview with Daniella, their (psst! smokin’ hot) CEO soon. Well, as soon as I can think up 10 really good questions to ask about the product and the company that have not already been answered on their website.

What’s New at – Click Here for the latest product additions.

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