From the “Why didn’t I think of this?” files – StemCaptain

So at Interbike, I saw a ton of new little goodies, gadgets and gear. Some were boring, some were fascinating, some were downright stupid. And then there were the ridiculously simple things, where I stood there wondering “Why has no one come up with this before?”

Case in point – StemCaptain:

It replaces the stem cap with a clock, compass, altimeter, or even just a little round photo frame for a picture of your dog. And of course, they come in several colors. It’s not going to make anyone faster, smarter, or better looking, but it’s still a nice bit of bling.

I’m holding out for a titanium one with a carbon fiber face. OK, maybe not. But check them out. I’m willing to bet that they’re going to end up in a few stockings this Christmas.


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Many moons ago I presented a concept for a bike computer in that exact same configuration to a company I did design consulting work for.

They didn’t go for it.



That is a great idea. Simple and useful- two things that most new products that hit the market are not.

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