Review: Eureka! Apex 2XT

As part of Johnson Outdoors Gear, Eureka! is one of a group of companies owned in whole or part by the SC Johnson family. This is the same family that has been providing the world with everything from household cleaners and pest control to Ziploc bags, since 1886.  It was Samuel Curtis Johnson, Jr., a noted environmentalist, that helped expand the family holdings. He brought boats, kayaks, scuba, fishing, camping gear, and more to a company most famously known for floor wax.

The Eureka! Apex 2XT three season tent is but one of the many diverse products in their extensive portfolio of outdoor gear. At a bit over 6 pounds, it’s not a lightweight tent, but certainly manageable. With a 7’6″x4’11” bathtub floor, there’s ample room for two, plus plenty of gear. Anything that doesn’t fit inside is still protected from the elements, courtesy of the two vestibules created by the generous coverage of the fly. Plenty of air circulation is available with the opposing doors, both of which feature an inner fabric panel, and an outer no-see-um mesh panel. There are also two mesh pockets built into the interior, and a handy overhead storage loft.

Whether you’re a regular camper or a first-timer, you’ll have this handy shelter up in minutes, as the setup was quick and effortless:  Lay it flat on the ground, with the posts for the frame crossing one another and secured in the corner grommets. Fasten the loop where they meet, then snap the clips on the tent to the posts. This took all of about three minutes, if that. Attaching the fly (one corner is color-coded at the buckles) and staking the whole thing down was just as easy.  While working the zipper on the fly isn’t the most convenient thing, having an opening on either side certainly is. Gone are the days of stepping over your tent-mate to use the loo in the middle of the night. It’s also much easier to regulate the temperature and airflow, or just see the bears as they’re sneaking up on you. The interior pockets and loft both came in handy for keeping small items accessible, yet out of harm’s way. Construction quality was as good as the overall design, and based on comments from other Apex owners, this tent should easily provide many years of service.

We’re not really fussy about our tents. Overall value, plus ease of setup and packing, are far more important than light weight. And while we’ve never been caught in a really bad storm, water resistance is obviously important too. The Apex 2XT meets our requirements, and exceeded our expectations. While I’m sure I would appreciate a lighter tent if I had a long hike, our goal is to put together a complete set of camping gear that can be hauled in a trailer behind a mountain bike. And the Apex 2XT fits the bill without breaking the bank.



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