Eureka! Dualis Sleeping Pad Review

First, a little disclaimer: A neighbor, a veteran camper and Scoutmaster, did the actual testing here, and this review is based off of our conversation when he returned home from camping. Mrs. Outsider was originally supposed to review this sleeping pad while I reviewed another, but she ended up spending the latter part of October in the hospital, so my neighbor graciously volunteered to leave his thin foam pad at home, and take the Dualis with him on a Scout camping trip.

If you’re a minimalist backpacker or camper, this review is not for you. At just under three pounds, the 72″ x 20″ Dualis is anything but light. No, this pad is for someone that values comfort and a good night’s sleep over the weight penalty of lesser pads. It’s got one chamber containing a foam pad, and a second air chamber. Open the valves and unfurl this bad body, spend a minute or two inflating both chambers, and you’ve got a sleeping pad that rivals a home air mattress. No more tossing and turning as hot spots develop. The Dualis keeps you up off the hard ground, and unless you get a puncture, you’ll be sleeping soundly on nothing but 150D polyester and air.

My neighbor explained that he would regularly have to turn from side to side as pressure points developed with his thin pad. But he was able to go right to sleep, and stay asleep on the Dualis. The only complaint was that he wasn’t completely convinced it’s a four season pad. At 7,000 feet, and with daily lows in the 20s, it got a bit cold. But it was still warmer than his usual pad, so it’s working as advertised. Get it for the comfort, and take that extra heat as a bonus.

The Eureka! Dualis comes in green, green, or green (pictured above in green) with brass valves and a handy drawstring sack. For more information and pricing, check it out at the Eureka store.

– Brian


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