New Flashlights From Coast

Although we obviously won’t be sending any staff to AAPEX, (the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo) one of the companies that we’ve recently covered will be exhibiting there. Coast Products will be showing off their new line of LED lights. While they’re understandably going to demonstrate their usefulness in a manner more appropriate to the automotive crowd, these are the same flashlights we use outdoors, whether walking the dogs, climbing a mountain, or some activity in between.

Their A-Series Professional Use flashlights are stainless steel, and include the top of the line A25 (shown below) with a whopping 196 lumen output, which throws a beam more than 600 feet. Powered by four AAA batteries, (included) the A25 weighs 10.4 ounces and boasts all the innovative features we’ve come to expect from Coast:

  • Patent-pending Pure Beam Focusing optics produce pure, bright consistency on the tightest spot or widest flood.
  • Proprietary Bulls-Eye Spot beam optics show a clear, bright center and a wide angle “halo” to reveal what‘s around your primary target too.
  • Fingertip Speed Focus Control to focus with a finger or thumb.
  • Cyclone Heat Sink System decreases heat buildup, facilitating maximum light output and increasing LED lifespan.

At the other end of the spectrum is their A9. Weighing only 1.6 ounces and about the size of a pencil, this affordable light offers a handy 23 lumen output, and can be carried in a shirt pocket unobtrusively. You’ll find four other lights in the A-Series line, along with the rest of their Professional Use flashlights, at their website listed below.

For maximum performance, check out the HP7. Proclaimed by Coast as “The best LED flashlight you can get”,  this impact and water resistant 5.5 inch light has their patent-pending Pure Beam™Focusing Optic system with Fingertip Speed Focus Control™.  Once you’ve got the beam focused, lock it down with the Beam Lock™System. The durable aluminum casing keeps weight down to a manageable 7.2 ounces with batteries, which is impressively light, considering it’s got an output of 207 lumens, and shines over 600 feet. Expect about 3.5 hours of run time from four AAA batteries.


About Coast:

Coast’s leading-edge products have propelled the company from zero to the market-leading share of professional LED flashlights in just over a decade. All Coast LED lights are nearly indestructible, they extend battery life by three or four times to save your money and the environment, and they provide clear beams of light that are powerful, bright and consistent. While they hold an impressive list of patents and continuously come up with new high-tech improvements, one feature from Coast has not changed since the company’s inception more then 92 years ago – a lifetime guarantee on every product it sells.

For more information, and to view their full range of lights, knives, and multi-tools, go to












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