Father’s Day Gift Suggestions – Let’s Kick If Off With A Giveaway From Coast!

Coast is a company that understands dads. Sure, their products are gender-neutral, and not really for any specific age group. But they offer the perfect mix of useful gadgets that most guys love, especially dads.

On their website, (Coastportland.com) you’ll find durable and powerful flashlights, from compact keychain and pocket models to our favorite, the full size 1317 lumen HP21. Seems like they have one for every application. Here are some of our other top choices:

Waterproof to 60 meters, the PX50 diving light is a handy all-around light as well.

The G15 is a compact light at runs for nearly 3 hours on a single AAA battery. A removable clip allows flexibility in mounting, so it can be used for fishing, camping, home/auto repairs, and plenty of other uses. It’s small enough to clip to a hat too.

At 212 max lumens, the PX45 has plenty of output, but can be run at 61 lumens as well. Combined with a spot to flood zoom, it’s a handy little package.

Preserve your night vision with the G35, which offers dual LED lighting, so you can light your path with white light, and switch to red for reading a map or other close-up work in the dark.

Coast multi-tools are divided into categories for professional use, outdoor use, fishing tools, and tactical use. While there’s nothing limiting them from being used however you wish, each grouping has features designed for specific applications. The Professional Use line includes full size and micro pliers with LED lights built in, a medium size pliers with driver and bit set, and both micro and full sized box style tools. For Outdoor Use, there’s a basic blade with scissors and screwdrivers, as well as two sizes of pliers models with knife blades, scissors, a small saw blade, and various other tools. For their Fishing line, options run from a simple set of forceps to long nose pliers, and multi-function pliers in two sizes, plus some specialty tools. The Tactical series are three of their Professional tools, but in a stealthy black finish.

Like their flashlights and multi-tools, the Coast knives are categorized by intended use. Rather than go through all seven categories, we’ll again just mention a few of our favorites:

The 3-in-1 is at home in your pocket or on your keychain, and includes only the bare necessities – a small but sharp blade, LED light, and a bottle opener.

Their Stockman series, as well as the Colt and Mustang, are classically styled folders, perfect as a first pocket knife. These are the kind that usually get handed down from father to son.

Packing a lot of versatility into a traditional liner-lock, the LED Pocket Tool has a stainless blade, LED work lights at either end, and a pair of double-sided phillips/flat blade screwdrivers.

If Swiss styling is your thing, Coast offers more than half a dozen multi-function knives with red handles. We prefer these for an office environment, as they’re always viewed as a tool first, rather than a knife, which can be an important distinction in the workplace today.

Finally, the Rapid Response series. These fast-opening, dual locking knives offer nice balance, excellent grip, and are priced very well. I’ve personally carried one since reviewing it back in March, and not a day has gone by that I didn’t use it for such things as opening boxes and bags of landscaping materials, slicing rope and twine, repairing a garden hose, cutting heavy duty tape, and making rags out of old shirts. The thin profile and pocket clip means it’s always at the ready, yet not so obvious as one carried on your belt. And best of all, Coast was kind enough to send an extra to give away. So if you want one for your dad, (or yourself, if you don’t have someone to give it to) see the contest rules below the photo.

We haven’t even covered all the great products Coast offers, and hope you’ll visit their site to view more. But we are going to send one lucky reader the Coast Rapid Response 3.9 knife pictured above. Just tell us why you or your dad, stepdad, grandad, (or even son) deserves to win it. Post before midnight, June 8th, because we’ll choose a winner on the weekend, and contact them right away, so we can get it mailed out in time for Father’s Day. Open to residents of the continental US age 18 and over. Good luck!

– Brian

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Allen U

Well seeing as how no one else wants to jump on this i think ill give it a shot. Although i kind of missed the deadline. I would very much like to win that knife because from what i have seen coast makes some quality products, and i would very much love to own one of their products. Possibly look a little more into what they can offer.

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