Gramicci Sets New Industry Standard for Performance Wear

Although this press release came in last week, it was carried over to this week so we could include it in our Father’s Day gift suggestions. What’s not to like about an organic, hemp-based shirt? You can be kind to the environment while enjoying maximum comfort in any activity.

– Brian

AGOURA HILLS, Calif. – May, 2012 – As the industry’s sole manufacturer of truly all natural, organic performance wear, Gramicci recently received independent testing confirming the brand’s Natural Performance Technology (NPT)™apparel performs as well, or better than, chemically-treated cottons or petroleum-based synthetics.

SGStesting recently compared Gramicci NPT shirts (like the men’s Endurance Tee and women’s Tara V Neck) against popular market leaders’ chemically-treated performance cottons and petroleum-based synthetic performance knitwear. Test results conclusively established that Gramicci products excelled in areas of moisture absorption, breathability, dry time, comfortable body temperature maintenance and odor elimination.

Gramicci NPT Men’s Endurance Tee

Less than three years after launching Natural Performance Technology, Gramicci regularly hears from hundreds of climbers, hikers, runners, endurance racers and other athletes who say NPT is their new go-to performance apparel of choice.

“My Tara V-Neck totally met my expectations for comfort – and it looks and feels fabulous. I teach yoga and often get sweaty while teaching in a hot room. Consequently, my clothes often stick to my body. Not my Gramicci T-shirt, though! I felt cool as a cucumber,” said Chaz Russ, 32-year-old yoga instructor.

“I really liked it [NPT Endurance Tee]. It’s a great performance tee shirt and better than synthetics, which is what I’m used to,” said Andrew M. from Oakland, Calif.

“A quick spin through your local retailer will tell you that we are dealing with a market that either doesn’t know or doesn’t believe performance wear can be natural or organic.  We are the only brand making performance apparel that is truly all natural and organic,” said Gramicci President Marty Weening. “Consumers don’t have to settle for active wear that’s been chemically treated to add performance qualities – nature has already provided us with hemp and organic cotton. Combining those materials with our proprietary weave results in, what research has now proven to be, an outstanding all natural, organic performance wear.”

Gramicci first introduced NPT fabrics with a modest selection of men’s and women’s separates in summer 2010. Since then, the NPT collections have been further refined and expanded by 160 percent. The active wear collections are geared at anyone from a high-performance sports enthusiast to a consumer looking for fashionable, sustainably produced lifestyle clothing. Gramicci NPT separates range from $28 to $60 MSRP.

Unlike other popular choices in performance wear, the raw materials for Gramicci NPT garments are grown without pesticides or insecticides that poison the earth, water sources and the humans that harvest it. There is little to no shrinkage and no twisting or torqueing of side seams. All of the NPT series are dyed with Gramicci ‘s low-impact Bastion dye process creating Gramicci’s signature “perfectly imperfect” look, and now, complete with performance that is all natural.

“How great is it that we are able to make an all natural product that exceeds all expectations for comfort and performance, and at the same time do no harm to our planet in the process. This is the future of performance wear.” said Weening.

Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) market research confirms Weening’s thoughts, showing some $290 billion spent annually for goods and services focused on health, the environment, social justice, personal development and sustainable living in the U.S.

About Gramicci
Gramicci is often called the ‘soul brand’ of the outdoor industry, known in the climbing community as the originator of the iconic G-series climbing pants and shorts. Thirty years old this year, Gramicci is still setting the standard for performance climbing and outdoor apparel with its introduction of NPT- Natural Performance Technology ™, a pesticide/herbicide-free, certified organic and hemp blend endurance knit that naturally produces higher levels of moisture management, breathability and body temperature regulation than synthetics and the new performance cottons that are treated with chemicals. Deeply committed to greener manufacturing, Gramicci continues to research and adopt new standards of manufacturing that reduce its impact on the environment. Its organic products have received certification from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), OE Blended (Organic Exchange for blended fabrics) and OE 100 (Organic Exchange for all organic fabrics). Gramicci is also a fair labor manufacturer assuring fair wages, clean work environments and zero-tolerance child labor policies. For more information, visit

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