Former Pro Cyclist Dr. Jason Richardson Provides Mental Preparation, Technique, Bike Fit and Hardware Consultation  


Dr. Jason Richardson

Portland, Oregon (CFEpr+) June 5, 2012 – – In its quest to be the leader in high performance cycling products and top-level racing success, Phoenix Pro Cycles has hired Dr. Jason Richardson to provide psychological counseling to team riders, feedback on racing technique and bike fit, product consultation on the hardware side of the business and more.

Dr. Richardson has an extensive background as a BMX Pro Champion, Mountain Bike Pro Slalom racer, and more recently has obtained a Doctorate in Psychology, which he utilizes to further the success of top-level athletes.

“I have been friends with Jason since the mid 90’s when he would frequent my mountain bike shop in San Diego. He always showed a top level of professionalism, and keen sense of the necessary elements to perform at the ultimate level,” states Tom Floyd, President of Phoenix Sports. “Not only can he help our riders perform to their best potential, he can also help us refine our products to fit the needs of the elite BMX racing scene. For instance, perhaps the frame geometry you need for a standard BMX track is not the same as you need for a BMX Supercross track, like those being ridden at the World Cup and Olympic level!”


Discussing Hardware




Jason has already been working psychologically with several elite racers and has intimate product knowledge from his days as a BMX Pro and Mountain Bike enthusiast.

“I tend to think I am in the business of life itself – and that sport is an aspect of life,” says Dr. Richardson. “Given that most of my clients live, breath, and eat ‘”what they do”, it is incumbent upon me to help them develop the best tools possible so they will compete at their best AND take that bitchen’ set of tools into the world once they leave professional sport. There is trying, doing, and being. I am here to help people bridge the three.”

Post OTC Session w/Phoenix

Keep your eyes on the prize as Phoenix Pro Cycles and Dr. J Rich re-define the elite levels of BMX and beyond, and look for Phoenix Pro Cycles at your local BMX track and retailer.

Phoenix Pro Cycles – Creating Lifelong Champions.


PHOENIX FACTORY RACING is Co-Sponsored by Troy Lee Designs, Answer BMX, Chris King Components, Shimano, Tioga and ODI.


Like its mythical namesake, Phoenix Sports was born from decades of learning and working in different disciplines, culminating in the birth of this new entity by founder Tom Floyd. Starting with Phoenix Pro Scooters in 2008, leading to the creation of Phoenix Pro Cycles in 2011, both companies are a testament to years of arduous endeavors resulting in the birth of the Phoenix brand.

Find Phoenix Pro Cycles and Scooters at the best BMX bikes retailers in the country, and follow the Phoenix Pro Cycling Team in their distinctive Orange and Blue kit at the biggest and best races on the calendar. We look forward to providing you cutting-edge designs from the best bike builder in the USA – Phoenix Pro Cycles.

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