Flowfold Vanguard Limited Billfold Wallet

Once you check out the Vanguard Limited wallet from Flowfold, you won’t want any other wallet in your pocket. It weighs so little, it floats. It’s water resistant. It’s got style, so you’ll look smart when you take out your wallet to pay for your next bit of outdoor or cycling gear. It’s made in America! It’s also 100% vegan, and even comes with a lifetime warranty. Yeah, it’s all that. And more.

Vanguard Limited Billfold Wallet from Flowfold
Vanguard Limited Billfold Wallet from Flowfold

Back in 2005, Charley Friedman made himself a wallet from sailcloth scraps, as his leather one fell apart. Since there was no shortage of sailcloth scraps in Maine, he kept on making them for friends and family. Five years later, he sold his car, and started making more wallets. Lots of them. By 2011, he teamed up with some friends (Devin McNeill and Nick Power), to continue re-purposing sailcloth scraps into cool wallets. In 2012, Nick took the show on the road, and got them into shops along the East Coast. The following year, they had to move out of their basement workshop, and into a bigger location. And in 2014, they introduced me to Flowfold at Outdoor Retailer.

Vanguard Limited Billfold Wallet from Flowfold
Married men might not recognize that, but it’s cash.

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They’ve had some new products since then, but their wallets are still a big seller. And for good reason. The sailcloth they use is either carbon fiber, or Kevlar, both known for high strength and low weight. So strong, they have that lifetime warranty. So light (0.7 ounces), they float. Think about that. High tech, just like your bike, your skis, your climbing gear, your tent, your footwear, and even your clothing. Now you can carry your license, cash, and credit cards in a similar fashion. Need more convincing? It’s thin, which makes it better for your back. Even though it’s strong, it’s also soft. Inside, there are two slots with ID windows, and  two more slots for cards, and of course, the cash pocket. For those of us that still carry cash. All you need.

I can’t find anything to not like about this wallet. I loved my original red Flowfold wallet, but the Vanguard Limited is less flash, more style. And it’s only $30, with a lifetime warranty. Plus the company is still run by a team that loves the outdoors as much as anyone else. So they keep coming out with cool gear made with the same materials and clever design, for all our favorite outdoor activities. Hard to beat that. Flowfold.com

– Brian

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100% vegan OH BOY $24 on ebay


With so many wallets being made from leather, the vegan aspect is an important selling point.


LOL..every one is a vagen!! Love plastic wallets…Duct tape wallets are cheaper and easy to make. Not sure how the glue on it is made however….

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