VSSL Supplies Survival Flashlight

It‘s been said that great things come in small packages, and VSSL Gear doesn‘t disappoint with the Supplies Survival Flashlight. I was able to rely on this one tool for my brief camping adventure. First and foremost, what is a survival flashlight? Well, VSSL has found a way to combine more than a dozen essential survival tools into a single water-resistant flashlight. This provides a single solution that is not only convenient, but also lightweight.

The tools found in the Supplies model include; an oil-filled compass, wire saw, water purifications tabs, a 4 hour candle, rope, razor blade, fishing tackle, can opener, emergency whistle, trail markers, matches, fire starters, a mini first aid kit, a signal mirror and a triple mode flashlight.

VSSL Supplies Survival Flashlight
VSSL Supplies Survival Flashlight, unpacked

All of this sounded a little gimmicky, but I could not help being a little curious about it. I reached out to VSSL and they were happy to send one my way just so I could see it for myself.

I took a short 2 day camping trip with my family and dropped the survival light into my pack. Weighing in at around one pound and having the same footprint in my bag as a regular flashlight, the aluminum survival light was hardly noticeable. Replacing my regular aluminum flashlight with the Supplies was painless. As an extra added bonus it fits nicely in a small frame bag on my bike too.

VSSL Supplies Survival Flashlight
VSSL Supplies Survival Flashlight

The gadget addict in me could not wait to test out the tools. After we set up camp I did some exploring. I found a fallen tree branch and then pulled out the wire saw. It made short work of that tree branch and provided a nice chunk of firewood. The firestarters included in the Supplies worked well getting the fire going. Rumbling bellies meant it was dinner time. I brought a can of baked beans with me (can‘t have a camping trip without some) and used the can opener to open it. It did the job with ease, but I am concerned about durability of the opener. Its tip has a slight bend in it after the single use. The light is bright enough to keep a path lit in a dark night sky. The lower brightness setting is good for casting just enough light to fill a tent or small room. As the third light mode, it flashes S.O.S. in Morse Code. Pretty cool, and hopefully someone on the other end knows Morse Code. I appreciate that the signal mirror comes with a peel-off coating to protect the surface until it is needed.

VSSL Supplies Survival Flashlight
Image courtesy of VSSL Supplies

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The Supplies Survival Light is a great way to pack essential items for a short excursion or a great addition to any 72-hour kit. All of the tools are specifically designed to help you make it through an unexpected turn of events and are conveniently contained in a small easy to carry light as to not be any burden. I‘ll be tossing some of the duplicate gear I already have in a longer travel pack and will bring this bad boy instead. VSSLgear.com.

– Andy

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Probably the coolest flashlight I’ve ever seen.

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