Fresh Wave Sport – Because It’s Not You, It’s Your Gear That Stinks

You hike. You bike. You workout. You’re sexy and you know it. (Couldn’t resist. Sorry) And while pain may be weakness leaving the body, sweat is odor leaving your body. Your shirts, your shorts, your shoes, your socks, your gloves and helmets too. Sweaty. Stinky. If no one has mentioned this before, it’s only because they’re trying to be polite. But I don’t know you, so I’m not afraid to tell it like it is. You stink. Well, your gear stinks. You can shower and clean up alright, but you leave the rest of your gear to ripen on the floor or in your closet, and it’s very ripe. So I’m giving you this tip. Three words. Fresh Wave Sport.

It doesn’t really matter how hard you play, most of us have noticed at some point that our clothing or gear has become a bit unsocial to the nose. Instead of just masking those foul scents, Fresh Wave eliminates them, leaving a clean, natural fragrance behind. The Ecosorb molecules hang in the air, attracting the odor molecules until they get so heavy, they fall to the ground. Surprisingly, Fresh Wave is family and pet safe, and contains no chemicals. The ingredients list is limited to water with natural extracts of lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove, and cedarwood. Best of all, Fresh Wave has a line of products specifically for outdoor and sport enthusiasts, so you can attack the smell from several angles.

The most direct way to take care of odors on clothing is to give it a good wash. If your regular detergent isn’t cutting it, supplement it with a 4 ounce bottle of Fresh Wave Sport’s Fresh Wash. Your clothes will emerge with a clean, fresh, outdoorsy scent, rather than some cheap perfume mask. Unless your detergent contains some cheap perfume scent.

Not everything was designed for the washing machine. Shoes, gloves, helmets, pads, pets, and small children generally can’t be cleaned in a washing machine. Fresh Wave Sport Spray contains the same ingredients as the wash, but in a convenient spray bottle. Give it a few shakes to mix the ingredients, then spritz that nasty duffel bag, sweaty helmet, foul cycling shoes, or whatever else is emitting offensive odors. Repeat as necessary. Problem solved.

Need a solution for ongoing smells that aren’t going away? Fresh Packs are a solid form of the Fresh Wave ingredients, perfect for continuous use (they last up to 30 days) anywhere you need to eliminate odors. The company suggests using them in shoes, gym bags, and lockers, as well as trash cans and cars. We’re tempted to attach one directly to one of our dogs during the summer, but taping one inside his kennel might be a better idea.

What if your stink isn’t localized? What if you have a whole room that needs to be freshened up? The 8 ounce Crystal Gel is just the ticket. Unscrew the lid, peel back the foil, replace the lid, and hide in a spot that gets a bit of airflow. The gel will work for 30 days to keep things smelling fresh and inviting, rather than the room that must be avoided.

Fresh Wave isn’t just for athletes either. They have a full line of environmentally sound products that safely destroy odors without harming your pets and children. This makes it easier to accept the fact that your pets and children are probably the source of many of those odors.

– Brian


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