Upstanding Bicycle Company Launches “Upstand” -the Alternative to the Bicycle Kickstand

Chapel Hill, NC (November 14, 2012) The Upstand is NOT you father‘s kickstand. It‘s lightweight (35 grams -the weight of a single energy packet), convenient, detachable and storable. When not in use just stick it in your jersey pocket or tool bag.

Crafted from carbon fiber, 6061 aluminum and an axial magnet, the Upstand simply installs with a 7-gram tab (about the size of a quarter) behind a bike‘s rear quick release. The tab stays in place by virtue of an uber-strong rare earth magnet. When not in use, just pull off the Upstand, fold in half (it‘s held together by an internal shock cord) and store it.

“Out of pure frustration, I knew there had to be a better way to stand my bicycle when I stopped for coffee or arrived at the office,” says Garrett Blake, inventor of the Upstand. “I certainly wasn‘t going to attach a heavy and bulky kickstand to my ultralight road bike, which, like many modern bikes, doesn‘t include a spot for a traditional kickstand anyway.”

Says John Marsh of Road Bike Rider (RBR):  “A RBR reader turned me on to this great new product, and I‘ve been using it ever since.” (See complete review at

Handcrafted and produced in the USA, the Upstand is available for all bicycle types and ships worldwide.

For more information visit:

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John Campbell

Interesting idea, but will it catch on? I, for one don’t see me ever utilizing a kick stand on any bike I own, it’s really not that difficult to lay it down or to prop it up against something.


I just bought one. I’m tired of having to lay my bike down in the dirt or not have space to lay it down. I was just going to go down to my local bike shop to buy a regular kickstand and now I don’t have to.
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I’m sold

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