Fyxation – rubber for your fixie

In the cycling industry, small company owners always seem to have a really good vibe about them. You know they’re not in it to get rich, they’re in it to offer cool stuff, and share in the fun of cycling.

Nick, at fyxation, is one of those guys. His website currently has a single offering – 700×28 foldable tires, in a wide variety of colors. With Kevlar protection and 120TPI construction, they not only look good, but roll fast. They also offer pinch flat protection and an attractive diamond tread pattern that runs from bead to bead.

Not only are they quality rubber, but when you buy from fyxation, you’re buying from a cyclist, not some giant corporation that has to answer to their shareholders.

So check them out. I’m hoping to put a set on a winter single speed / fixie project myself.

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