Getting fit with Ritchey

Ritchey recently updated its Fit Logic poster for dealers, and debuted it at Interbike last month. (Clicking on the link will take you to a low resolution PDF of it) While it’s obviously a valuable tool for any bike shop interested in selling more of the exceptional line of Ritchey components, it’s equally valuable for cyclists, regardless of what brands they’re riding.

With the wide range of bars, stems, and seatposts available today, there is no reason for any cyclist to suffer with a poorly fitting bike. Sure, the frame needs to be properly sized, but once that is done, components should be chosen to fit the bike to the cyclist, not the other way around. The poster does an excellent job of illustrating stem reach and rise, (which can be positive or negative) as well as handlebar reach and drop, and seatpost setback. There’s also a little graphic for handlebar width.

Some cyclists may have no issues with fit, even with an “off the rack” bike. But most of us will need to tinker with one or more components to get things just right. And the poster is a great place to start. So whether you’re new to cycling, or have been riding for a while, it might just pay to have a peek. And props to Ritchey for making it possible for cyclists to achieve a more efficient and comfortable riding position with their incredibly wide range of components.

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