Going Polar At Work

Polar Royal Peacock 24oz Insulated Bottle
Polar Royal Peacock 24oz Insulated Bottle

Earlier this year, Polar sent us a few of their insulated 24oz bottles, in some of the new colors options. Rather than just write about them myself, I handed them out to my coworkers (some of whom also happen to be part of our testing group), and asked for their feedback once they had used them for a bit. The following comments are from real users, not professional writers:

I‘ve tried out my Polar Bottle for a few days now. I love it. It works great. The contours make it very easy to grip. It kept water cold enough to enjoy for several hours (this was indoors however).  The lid seals tightly, and I don‘t see the mouth piece becoming loose or breaking anytime soon.  Overall, this is very well-designed water bottle!
– Pedro

Well insulated, kept water cold throughout an 8 hour workday

Bottle shape fits in cupholders

Hip design adds splash of color to my otherwise dreary cubicle

– Bobby

I picked my polar bottle because I liked the black and yellow colors together. It is lightweight and keeps my beverages cold. It is also quite portable making it easy to take anywhere!

– Nicole

Polar Secret Garden 24oz Insulated Bottle
Polar Secret Garden 24oz Insulated Bottle

I have been using the Polar Bottle Insulated 24oz for a couple of weeks now. I must say I like the fact that it doesn’t sweat. I like the general sturdiness and overall quality of the bottle. It’s a little stiffer than I would prefer to squeeze, but that’s more of a personal preference and goes with the sturdiness of the bottle.

– The Dread Pirate Roberto

The Polar Bottle Insulated 24 oz. is a light weight sport bottle that is great for exercise when you are on the go. The convenient ring for holding is actually perfect for when it is full because of how light it is and you don’t have the feeling you are carrying a dead weight when you are running or picking it up to drink. I chose the the Sea Breeze colored one which has a beautiful calming outside as refreshing as the cold water awaiting for you inside. It has a convenient pull top and does not leak when it lays on its side for a prolonged period of time.

 – C.
Polar  Sea Breeze 24oz Insulated Bottle
Polar Sea Breeze 24oz Insulated Bottle

I got the purple Polar bottle for my wife. She is an on-the-go mom of two active boys. She is always in need of a cold drink either for herself or for the boys. I have given her two or three other insulated water bottles, all of which were the double walled metal versions found at most retailers. Although they did as advertised, keeping her drink cold, they all had the same problem – with the amount of stuff she is always carrying she tends to drop things. All of these previous water canisters were casualties of dropping occurrences, leaving them dented, broken, or pieces of the cap or cap cover broken. The Polar bottle has solved all of these problems. It keeps her water cold, it will not dent or break when dropped, and it has a guarantee to replace the cap or bottle if they ever have a problem.

At 24 oz. the bottle holds enough for most trips she takes to the water park, the gym, or just to do errands. I am fully satisfied with its design, durability, guarantee, and I am also drawn to its domestic origin.

– Joel
Polar Island Blossom 24oz Insulated Bottle
Polar Island Blossom 24oz Insulated Bottle

I got the Polar bottle for my wife. The color and the design stand out and are very noticeable. My wife is a pink fan and she likes the Hawaiian style designs.  Bottom line is that its bright color and design is very eye catching.

I like the design of the bottle. The plastic seems pretty durable. It is something my wife needs in a bottle – durability. Bottle keeps water cold for a good amount of time.

– Paul



To see the huge range of bottles Polar offers, visit polarbottle.com

– Brian

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