Luci Lux Lights Up My World

LuciLux LED Lantern

There‘s a new wave of LED lighting that‘s sweeping the outdoor industry, one of which is the Luci Lux. This inflatable solar lantern made by MPOWERD was extremely intriguing to me because it’s lightweight, waterproof, and rechargeable. It seemed to be a great light for both camping and backpacking.

The Luci Lux weighs 4oz and in its collapsed form is only 1 inch thick. Expanded, the light is 4 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter. In order to expand this little light one has to blow it up like a balloon through a one-way valve. All it takes is a few puffs and it‘s full. It was a great size for me to keep stored in my car camping box and also small enough to easily fit into the brain of my backpack.


Each light is equipped with 10 white LEDs arranged in a circular pattern. This pattern allows for the 64-lumen light to illuminate up to 10ft area on high. There are three settings: bright, super bright, & flashing, which are changed with a push of the button integrated into the top of the lantern. I found the bright mode to be very warming, with the soft plastic body which has a frosted finish, and perfect for eating dinner or reading in the tent. Super bright was very effective at casting an even and powerful light while cooking dinner, playing cards in the tent, and also excellent light for the trail if you forget your headlamp.

In order to hang the light by its handle I found it useful to have a carabiner on hand. While car camping I attached the light to the open tailgate of my truck to light the cooking area. When in the tent I was able to clip it into a loop on the ceiling of my tent. If I walked with the light it‘s easy enough to hold by the handle, which is made of the same soft plastic as the body.


Perhaps the coolest feature of this light is that it’s rechargeable. The solar panel on the top of the light is also a shatterproof solar-charged lithium ion battery. Thus, the Luci Lux is extremely durable and easily charged without the hassle of cords & outlets. From completely dead, the light takes 3 hours to fully charge. This energy saving-zero emissions light has a run time of 12 hours on the bright setting.

An added bonus feature of the Luci Lux is that it is waterproof, and it even floats! For me, this expanded the possibilities for the lantern. It can go on the exterior of a backpack without worry of damage from humidity or precipitation. Also, it would be fun to throw one or two lights into a pool or bath on the warm bright setting for mood lighting for an evening soak.

Overall, I am extremely impressed by the Luci Lux lantern. It‘s light, easy to use, and extremely functional for multiple uses. In fact, since reviewing the product I have decided to keep one in my car for emergencies. Luci is a safe alternative to candles, kerosene, or batteries. The MSRP is $19.99 for this model and is purchased through their website. MPOWERD also offers a line extension with clear bodies, as well as with a variety colored LEDs. In the words of MPOWERD, “Discover this new type of brilliance!”

– Carley

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the LuciLux LED lantern for free from MPOWERD in consideration for review publication.

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