February 19, 2024
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We’re very patient that way.


Oh, please. We’re all entitled to have fun in our real lives, and you’re clearly having a blast with your new toy. We’ll survive somehow.

Paul in Cin City

So what kind of two wheeled motor driven vehicle are we talking about here? You confess you sin to the masses, yet leave out crucial parts. Perspiring minds want to know.


Paul, seeing as how we’re tandem owners, a Goldwing GL1800 was the perfect choice for us.

Paul in Cin City

A Goldwing huh? Those things are like houses on two wheels. Don’t they come with a washer and dryer now? LOL


Washer and dryer? Crap! I knew I missed something on the options list. Mine’s a bit more the basic model – stereo, reverse, heated grips, remote release for the trunk. You know, just the basics for a motorcycle. 😉

Paul in Cin City

HA HA…You got the ghetto version. The newest come with a Sub-Zero refrigerator and a butler. I don’t blame you for skipping the Jacuzzi. That’s just dangerous. Some Brit did a study that showed that motorcycles with Jacuzzis had motorists passing 5mm closer than they did the non-jacuzzi motorcyclists. I hope y’all have a lot o’ fun.

I wonder what the Goldwing version of a bicycle would be like. A tandem with surround sound, heated seats, and a built in intercom system.

Sorry I’ve got to fork with you. It’s my nature, and you seem to know how to take it.

Beware the first few minutes of a rain, the worst time to be on a motorcycle, even with heated brake levers.

One of my neighbors whose house I ride by, has a three wheeled Goldwing. I think it has HDTV and a sauna. You can only dream.

I hope y’all have fun. You’ll meet all kinds of nice people under bridges on the interstate. :^D

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