Trek 69er

Michael, at Trek, sent over some info on their 69er.

“After hashing out all the gory production details, the Trek 69er singlespeed finally came to market this past April. With things like the sliding dropouts, the flared BB/seat tube juncture and matching fork and frame colors… Well, all these details presented a bit of a wait. But customers are happy now that they‘re here, with our first batch 80% presold. Existing stock is limited, and with the feedback we‘ve received on the platform (2 notorious forum posters notwithstanding), we realize the value in diving in further with the platform.”

“Details aren‘t finalized yet, but we‘re currently pursuing a hardtail that should come in around $1400 with the new Fox 51mm offset fork, as well as an aluminum full suspension model based on the Top Fuel. This is the same model Eatough raced at Sea Otter and the same one that Travis Brown has been racing this season.”

More to come as the season unfolds.

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