GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Pint Set

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Pint Set

When the Glacier Stainless Pint Set from GSI Outdoors was proposed as a Father’s Day gift idea, I wasn’t even thinking about them as beer glasses. These durable stainless steel pint glasses add a pop of color to any event, not just one where beer is served. Since each set includes four different colors, they are a great choice for camping, picnics, or even backyard BBQs, as each person can get their own color cup.

Made from Glacier Stainless steel, with a tough painted finish on the outside, they have a slight taper like a proper pint glass. Each one holds up to 15.9 ounces of your choice of beverage. If you already own a GSI cookware set, the red, blue, green, and orange color coding will fit right in. No one in will have to ask “Is this my drink?”, and more than they have to ask about their plate, bowl, etc. They are more than just cups in pretty colors though. The inside is a raw stainless that not only looks nice, but keeps your drink fresh tasting, as it does not pick up odors the way some plastic cups can. On the top, a rolled lip gives a nice contrast to the color, while adding a bit of strength. Of course, unlike plastic or glass cups, these will hold up to drops and a bit of rough use.

Stainless Interior

Outdoors, glassware can be a hazard. Tables are not always level or stable, maybe a football or flying disc is being tossed around, and there is always a dog or two running through everything. At least that’s how it is for us. I also have enough scars to justify my aversion to broken glass. But I don’t like drinking from plastic, as it does seem to impart an odd taste on most beverages. And if your drink happens to be made from hops and barley, that’s a deal-breaker. So a set of stainless pint glasses has a lot of appeal to me. Since we do have the Pinnacle Camper Cookware set from GSI Outdoors already, the color coding really is nice – I get the blue, everyone can fight over the rest. What I really like though, is that GSI Outdoors makes stuff not just for backpackers, but for family camping and picnics, and it all seems built to last. These won’t break if dropped, and they won’t melt if placed too close to a grill or firepit. Wash, dry, use, repeat. Low maintenance, long life. Good times.


– Brian

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Are these cups insulated like the HydroFlask Pint that was reviewed on your site?


Wow, I just looked at the site to buy a set for myself. What a great price for a 4pc set of indestructible pint glasses. Bottoms Up!

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