Woolx Merino Wool Boxer Briefs

Woolx Merino Wool Boxer Briefs
Woolx Merino Wool Boxer Briefs

First off, forget what you think you know about wool underwear. Woolx Daily Boxers are made from superfine Merino wool, which makes them as soft as cashmere, and as durable as a synthetic blend. They also regulate temperature, wick away moisture, and have the ability to keep odor-causing bacteria in check like, well, like nothing else. So when it comes to your base layer, Merino wool is a great place to start.

I had already done plenty of research on the properties of wool, and it truly is the most technical, high performance, environmentally-sound, renewable resource for clothing. No single synthetic can do everything that this great natural fiber can. With that in mind, I took Woolx up on their offer, and had them send a pair for review. Based on my experience with Merino wool socks, I had really high expectations for the Woolx boxers too. When they arrived, the first thing I did was check out the feel of the material, and the finish, inside and out. It’s not easy to explain just how fine this wool is, but in hand, the Woolx boxers are so soft, they have a luxury feel to them. I guess you could say it’s smooth, where even cotton can feel a bit coarse. All the seams are flat-lock stitched, which reduces the chance of chafing. While you may not care that the stitching in your underwear is all straight and tidy, it’s a good indicator of quality. By my count, there are eight panels in total, which is about twice what you would find in your typical cotton boxer briefs. That makes for a better fit, but more labor to cut and assemble.

Unlike Merino socks, which I wore for a week straight to show how they keep moisture and odor in check, I only wore these for one day between washings. For my “longest day” testing, I wore them on an early morning hike to photograph deer, as hiking seemed like a good way to test the fit and design, and see how they worked in motion. I also did some yard work, which meant mowing the lawn, screening soil, dumping loads of rocks, and hauling mulch around. Hot and sweaty work. The kind that can make cotton get a bit too damp and uncomfortable. But the Woolx kept me cool and dry, (and wishing I had one of their shirts as well). Since I already had my boots on, I grabbed my helmet and went for a quick motorcycle ride along the lake to cool off. Sitting on a leather motorcycle seat on a hot day can become miserable quickly. But this ride turned out ok, and I would not think twice about wearing them while riding my bicycle (when not wearing cycling shorts). Awkward notable detail is that the fly area keeps things in place very well – those panels really do make for a good fit. My only complaint was with the label. While they did their best to make it non-irritating, I’d prefer they just print the logo, like they do with the washing instructions. That would solve a minor problem.

This was hardly the super athletic review, but Woolx points out their Daily Boxers are just that – every day, all-season underwear. Wear them for sports, and also to school or work. Based on my time in the pair I received for review, my guess is that most guys will buy one or two pairs for some outdoor activities, then realize they want them for the rest of the week as well. At $44.99 each, that’s not an inexpensive proposition, but if they hold up over time, well worth the initial cost. I should also mention that they can be machine washed and dried, which is another bonus. Wool really has come a long way. Check out size and color options, along with the other Woolx products, at www.woolx.com

– Brian


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