High Peak Lite ‘˜n Fast Sleeping Pad Review

A friend of mine joked that he always looks for the lightest camping gear possible, as that allows him to bring more donuts. That’s just crazy talk, though. Donuts don’t weigh that much. But if you’re serious about trimming some weight off your gear without giving up any comfort, check out the Lite ‘˜n Fast sleeping pad from High Peak.

Weighing in at a pound and five ounces, this 72″ x 20″ pad has a shape that mimics a mummy bag, which not only means less weight, but allows it to roll up quite compact. When folded over and rolled up, it’s roughly the same diameter as a closed cell pad, but only about 1/2 the length. The top and bottom are durable polyester, with diamond cut foam sandwiched between them.

Setup is pretty straightforward – remove it from the included drawstring bag, open the valve, and unroll it. Give it a couple of minutes to self-inflate, then finish it off with a few more breaths before closing the valve. At that point, you’re ready for a good night’s sleep. The diamond cut foam manages to be firm enough to keep you from mashing a hip bone, while still being soft and cushioning. For such a thin pad, (an inch thick) the Lite ‘˜n Fast is sufficiently comfortable, while providing acceptable insulation from the cold ground.

After giving this pad a try, it will probably be my go-to pad for all but the coldest weather. It takes up very little space, and strikes an excellent balance between carry weight and sleeping comfort.  www.highpeakusa.com

– Brian

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Geof Lane

Looks like a nice pad but what’s the price? I got my gear at hurricanecamping.com with free shipping on some items


The retail is around $50.

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