ShieldSAK From Loksak

If your next outdoor adventure takes you across country, or around the world, the ShieldSAK should be on your list of things to pack. With cell phones, many credit cards, and the new US passports now containing a small chip with your personal data, a new breed of high-tech thieves can steal your personal or financial information with a quick radio frequency (RF) scan. Unless you’ve got your data protected by the ShieldSAK.

ShieldSak from LokSak

Although this RF blocking technology was originally designed for the US military, and intended to protect very sensitive data, it’s now available to anyone concerned with protecting their information. As part of a demonstration performed at a military testing facility, hackers equipped with very sophisticated and expensive equipment (in Russia, they might be called “spies”) attempted to access the information on a cell phone placed inside the ShieldSAK. Despite being equipped with what was undoubtedly some impressive technology, they were thwarted by this patented fabric that works as a woven shield.

Now it’s not that we don’t believe this product works, but it was easy enough for us to test ourselves. We put one of our phones in it, and called the number. Nothing. It eventually went to voice mail. Since we had some Motorola two-way radios handy, we put one in the ShieldSAK, antenna first. When we placed the other one less than an inch away, antenna to antenna, they still could not communicate. While that was hardly the most advanced test, we’re quite convinced that it will work against a real threat.

Imagine being in a foreign country, or even just a few states away, and someone steals your credit card information. That can put a damper on a vacation. Worse yet, what if someone gets hold of your personal information, and steals your identity? If you want to safeguard yourself against that sort of threat while traveling, check out the ShiedSAK.

– Brian

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