I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried, part II

Last weekend, a homeless man rode nearly 100 miles from Tomah, Wisconsin, to Omro. He was apparently looking for a warmer place to stay, as it’s been colder than usual around those parts. Sadly, he stopped at a thrift store, where no one could help him find a place to stay. The local police were called to see if they could assist him, and offered to take him to nearby Oshkosh (b’gosh). He refused, and rode the 11 additional miles instead. Hey, what’s another 11 miles on top of a century, right?

From my “Shut up and ride” files, comes the Pulse Bicycle Safety Helmet. Do we really need a bluetooth-enabled helmet that would allow you to listen to your MP3 player or take phone calls while riding? Because it’s not bad enough that cyclists have to look out for distracted drivers, now the cyclists came become distracted as well.

Once again, I am unable to make sense of the news in India, but it does involve high school girls there getting free bikes.

Police are also investigating a car vs bicycle accident. Reports that the bicycle flipped over and burst into flames were greatly exaggerated, but it was correctly reported that a Bridgestone bicycle was involved.

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