Things that bug me

I love Google Alerts. If you want to know what happened on the internet in 2004, or enjoying clicking links that lead to No related articles were found., then I suggest you sign up for this handy feature today.

Sure, I’m making about 20 cents a day off the ads on this page, so I shouldn’t be knocking them, right? But have a look at what they serve up. Do I have to throw a “Shimano” into every post just to get some bike-related ads?

And then I have the spammers that attempt to post up to 7 comments a day. Like I need that many links to a site hawking viagra. And they leave little messages like “Hi, nice site” and “I’m back!”. Hey! You’re annoying, you little jerks. At least hit some of those damn paying links before you leave your own. That’s right, If the spammers would only return the favor, they wouldn’t be so bad.

Perhaps tomorrow I will have something worthwhile to post.

[edit] Can anyone tell me where on this map my spammers might be from?

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Mostly Melbourne would be my guess ;o)


I figured as much.


Most of the ads I see are for cycling-related stuff: Meet cycling singles, folding bikes for $174, etc. I also see ads for “Make money with your blog” and so forth.

Be careful you’re not violating Google’s TOS in asking your visitors to click the ads.


Fritz, I check them daily, and there have been some odd ones lately. So I end up making sure that there’s a keyword or two on each page. I hope Google would be able to take a joke, as I really don’t think the spammers are going to click any ads. After all, they’re serving up some ads that have nothing to do with my site. Today it’s all blogs, webinars, and RSS feed ads.

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