I don’t get it – UK officers banned from riding bikes on patrol

I’m referring to this article.

A 21 year-old officer was struck by a truck, and killed, so they are banning other officers from riding bikes as part of their patrol. If they have less than a year’s experience on a bike, they cannot currently ride them. Those officers with more than a year’s experience can continue to ride, but will be given “extra safety advice”.

I’m not trying to make light of the situation, but I want more details. If the officer’s inexperience or actions somehow contributed to his demise, then I agree that more training is in order. But without knowing what happened, the article leaves me with too many unanswered questions.

Having officers patrol by bicycle works on so many levels, it’s a shame to see them being taken off the road. Not only can they get through traffic quicker, but they are more accessible to the public when on a bike, and also help to project a positive image of both the police and cycling.

Will the lorry (truck) drivers be taken off the road until they have more experience driving around cyclists?

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I wonder if any police officers have been killed in cars… yes? can we ban them or do they provide a valuable method for patrolling a certain type environment… Safety is important but lets eb realistic and look at the numbers. if this were an epidemic, would this be the 1st time we hear of it?

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